Femolene Mylife Products

Women of all ages have one thing in common… their fluctuating hormone levels. FEMOLENE mylife has been specifically formulated and conveniently packaged to help you manage your changing hormonal needs throughout the month; giving you the confidence and ability to cope with the demands of daily life.
From your Teen’s right through your Senior years, FEMOLENE mylife will take care of you.



During a teenager’s monthly hormonal cycle, hormones will change on a weekly basis and this is enough to give any girl a headache. Do these uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, acne (yikes!) and mood swings sound familiar?




Now that you have reached your adult years, mood swings and pimples may seem to be a distant memory; but the effects of your fluctuating hormones can still be a little inconvenient (ahem… PMS)…




Later in life (when Estrogen levels begin to drop) Menopausal symptoms may appear. These symptoms can be daunting for any woman and may include mood swings…




There are different needs for you as a Senior woman. During these golden years you need to take care of your body by looking after your bones, heart and digestive health…