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Just for you

The Femolene Originals range of products has been developed over a period of 17 years to help women alleviate and manage their PMS and Menopausal symptoms.
This range has five products in it called: Femolene Ultra, Femolene Ultra SR, Femolene Menopause SR, Femolene Vaginal Spray and Femolene Ultraberry. This range has been wonderfully successful, helping women manage these issues over the years.


We are passionate about women’s health and realised that at each life stage – from teens to senior years, women need individual help with their fluctuating hormones and so we developed a range specifically to take care of each life stage called Femolene MyLife.

So, Femolene MyLife was specifically formulated to support the hormonal cycle of a women. During teen years, girls face cramping and tender breasts as they start to menstruate. Adult women may face infertility because of hormones that are out of balance. Menopausal women face hot flushes, night sweats and vaginal dryness and Senior ladies face high cholesterol and reduced bone density. The Femolene MyLife range caters for all these aspects of women’s health, each with its own unique formula.

There are five products in the range called, TEENS, ADULT, MATURE, MATURE PLUS and SENIOR.


We are confident that you will find the right product just for you in one of these ranges. Please feel free to call our customer call line on 0860103359 if you need any assistance.

femolene mylife advantages


Manage your changing hormones

Each product has been specifically designed with a different formula to address your changing hormones at your specific life stage


Femolene mylife Teen

Specifically developed with Chaste Tree Berry, vitamins and minerals in a different formula for each week to support your hormones during this turmulous time.

Femolene mylife Adult

Now that you have reached your adult years, mood swings and pimples may seem to be a distant memory; but the effects of your fluctuating hormones can still be..

Femolene mylife Mature

Later in life (when Estrogen levels begin to drop) Menopausal symptoms may appear. These symptoms can be daunting for any woman and may include mood swings…

Femolene mylife Senior

There are different needs for you as a Senior woman. During these golden years you need to take care of your body by looking after your bones, heart and digestive health…


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