Shed Menopausal Weight Gain.

Shed Menopausal Weight Gain.

Menopausal weight gain is to some extent unavoidable. It’s a stage of life that most women have to go through. Even though this stage occurs naturally there are certain lifestyle choices that you can make to get through this transition better.

The right diet and exercise routine can help prevent menopausal weight gain, you need to pay special attention to the food you eat and the proportions you have. One of the best ways to shed the weight is by eating low-calorie foods.

This includes whole grains like rye, wheat and oats. Fibre helps your digestive system which might result in weight management. So swap your high-calorie foods with high fibre foods. According to [] Menopausal women should eat plenty of fresh vegetables to avoid putting on excessive amounts of weight. Vegetables are rich sources of vitamins and minerals. Fresh vegetables are good sources of fibre which is vital for the healthy functioning of the body. An adult woman requires between 25 grams and 35 grams of fibre every day.

This number increases marginally after a woman attains menopause. Incorporating high fibre foods like vegetables into the daily diet plan can aid in lowering cholesterol levels and maintain a healthy weight.

Some vegetables have higher fibre content than other. So to maintain a healthy weight after attaining menopause it is important to target these specific vegetables. Spinach, broccoli, artichokes, peas and kale are just a few examples of vegetables with high fibre content. Fruits are nutritional and have so many health benefits, especially for menopausal women. Menopausal women should also try to substitute high-calorie snacks with fresh fruits. Try and replace your dairy products with low fat ones and your red meat with lean meat and legumes and remember to increase your physical activity, not only will exercise help you get rid of weight gain, but it also keeps the body young. Use the exercise and other means to decrease your stress levels, it’s hard to relax, especially when you’re going through the trials of menopause, but it’s important for your mind and body to decompress. Stress not only tends to add weight around your belly but can also boost your appetite, creating a vicious cycle.

Every woman is different and has different nutritional needs, so find the pattern that works best for you using the mentioned guidelines. All the best!

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